TM. 2020 Vimeo, Inc. All rights reserved. Terms Privacy CA Privacy Copyright Cookies Made with in NYC. Movie online big bucks 3a the press your luck scandal review. Movie Online Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandalous. “Were gonna have big bucks today, I can feel it. ” That was the phrase uttered by host Peter Tomarken as he welcomed contestants to the game show Press Your Luck on May 18, 1984. Little did he know how accurate those words would become. By the end of the day a man named Michael Larson would walk away with over 100, 000 in prize money, breaking the record for biggest sum won in a single episode of an American game show. By all accounts, Larson was an average Joe, albeit one who was never fond of work. He spent time as an air conditioning repairman and ice cream truck driver, but rarely kept steady employment. In an interview with This American Life, James Larson, Michaels brother, described him as the type of person who “didnt understand the value of good, honest hard work. ” From an early age, Michael had gravitated towards get-rich-quick type scams. In middle school, he got in trouble for smuggling candy bars into class and selling them back to fellow students at twice the price. In adulthood, Larson spent hours watching infomercials that promised to make him fortunes. That is until he found a new obsession: game shows. “Michael was so obsessed with his game shows and his televisions and whatever else he would do, it put a strain on our relationship, ” recalled Larsons common-law wife, Teresa McGlynn. “We had an entire wall full of 19-inch, 25-inch televisions. And he would watch them all at once. ” Whether due to intelligence or arrogance, Larson was convinced that he could find loopholes in game shows that other people missed. He dissected popular programs like The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune, searching for any way to beat the system. For the most part, his efforts were in vain. Then, in 1983, Larson discovered a new show on CBS: Press Your Luck. The structure of the show was simple. Contestants would answer trivia questions to earn spins. These spins would then be utilized to win cash and prizes on the shows massive game board. The board used a randomized pattern to shuffle between 18 different highlighted squares. When a contestant hit their buzzer, they would win whatever prize was featured in the illuminated square. If they landed on the shows trademark Whammy, they would lose all the money theyd won up until that point. Designers of the game board believed the patterns to be completely random. Larson felt otherwise. After studying the show, he became convinced that the movements on the board could be predicted. “He was almost in a tranced state, ” McGlynn recalled in the documentary Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal. “He would watch and count how many flashes went around the board. ” Larson spent more than six months watching and recording shows, studying tape and looking at every win and mistake. After analyzing countless hours of footage, he had a breakthrough. “He was like a kid at Christmas time. remarked McGlynn. "He was just so excited. He said ‘Ive got it! Ive got it! ” Larson seemed to have uncovered patterns within the game boards light sequence. He also discovered two squares that were never filled with a Whammy. By memorizing the sequences, he could assure himself of raking in big bucks. To prove his point, Larson played a VHS tape of one of the recorded shows. Sure enough, he was able to push pause every time the board landed on one of its cash prizes. Convinced he had cracked the code, Larson decided to head to Los Angeles where the game show was filmed. With very little money to his name, he borrowed the cash to get him to California. Of course, just making it to L. A. wouldnt be enough. People arent put on game shows just because they show up. Theres a process where potential contestants are whittled down. In the case of Press Your Luck, auditions were held twice daily with 50 people scheduled per group. Michael Larson would have to convince the TV staff that he was worthy of airtime. Bobby Edwards, the shows contestant supervisor, remembered the day Larson came in. “He was smart. He answered the questions. He had a lot of energy. ” Still, the TV veteran wasnt convinced, claiming later that there was something about Larson that he didnt trust. “I did not want to book him, ” Edwards flatly remarked. The shows executives felt otherwise. Larson would become a contestant. His episode would be recorded on May 19, 1984. Larsons fellow contestants that day were Janie Litras, a dental assistant, and Ed Long, a Baptist minister. Long was the shows returning champion, having won 11, 516 on the previous episode. When the competitors met in the green room before the shows taping, Litras sensed there was something odd about Larson. “Michael just seemed creepy. she later recalled. "He had a creepy smile, he just seemed like a creepy person. And I knew I could beat this creepy person. ” Once filming began, the show started much like any other. Host Tomarken greeted the studio audience and bantered with the contestants. Larson was all smiles during his introduction, giggling as he talked about his days driving an ice cream truck. The mild-mannered Ohio native just seemed excited to be there. The shirt he wore for his TV debut was purchased the day before from a thrift store for 65 cents. With the pleasantries out of the way, the game commenced. During the first round of trivia questions, Larson didnt fare well, only earning three spins to use on the first crack at the game board. As he stared at the giant flashing lights, he looked for the patterns hed recognized at home. Timing would be crucial, as a seconds delay could result in the wrong square being illuminated. Larson waited for his moment, then hit the buzzer. On his very first attempt, he struck a Whammy. A perturbed Larson looked at the board. Had he been wrong? Were the calculations hed made watching at home been incorrect? He had two spins remaining that round to figure it out. The lights once again began dancing from square to square. Larson zoned in and pushed his buzzer. A box displaying 1, 250 lit up. Delighted, Larson clapped. Perhaps his formula was correct after all. He had one more spin to make sure. Again the lights began to move. Larson waited, then pushed his buzzer one more time, again winning 1, 250. He was out of spins for this round, but hed gotten what he needed. The patterns were real. Larson fared much better in the second round of trivia, answering several questions correctly and earning seven spins on the game board. In the second round, prize amounts increased. Its also important to note that many cash prizes included a bonus spin, ensuring a player could continue their turn so long as they kept hitting the right squares. Larson was the first contestant to spin in the second and final round. Confident that his memorized strategy worked, he began a run that would live on in television infamy. 4, 000 and a spin. 5, 000 and a spin. 1, 000 and a spin. In just three turns, Larson had already made 10 grand. At this point, Tomarken pointed out that Larson was yet to lose a spin. The ice cream man from Ohio smirked and responded: “I aint never losing. ” A trip to Kauai. 500 and a spin. 700 and a spin. Larson had cleared 20, 000 total and showed no signs of slowing. Up in the shows control booth, producers were taking notice. Something wasnt right. The odds of hitting a Whammy were one in six spins. Even the luckiest of players should have hit a one by now. “He could aim and hit, which we didnt think as possible. And he continued to do it, ” noted Darlene Lieblich, former CBS Program Practices Department Executive. “People were turning to me saying ‘Can we stop this. He wasnt breaking any of the rules of the game. I could not stop the game. ” Producers had no choice but to watch Larson racking up the cash. “We knew how to deal with every other situation, but all we could do with this is hang on for the ride. ” As his total continued to climb, Larson began to bask in the spotlight. He raised his hands when audience members cheered him on and screamed with glee each time another sum was added to his winnings. Meanwhile, the people sitting closest to the player were in awe of what was going on. “He went into a trance. Thats the only way I can describe it, ” Long said of Larsons run. “You could sense the tension and the focus. It was almost like, how long can this go on? ” The third contestant, Litras, found herself getting jealous. “He kept winning and winning. And I just kept clapping and getting madder and madder. ” With each turn, the crowd got louder. Tomarken, sensing the tension in the room, continually reminded Larson that he was risking all of his winnings every time he went back to the board for me. After pressing his luck for an unprecedented 40 spins of the board, Larson cleared the 100, 000 plateau. At this point, he finally seemed content. When he passed his remaining spins to Long, the studio audience erupted in applause. Finally it was time for another contestant to play the board. But fate has a strange sense of humor. Long struck a Whammy on his very first attempt. Interestingly, Litras made a bold decision during her turns. After racking up a little over 9, 000, the contestant decided to pass her three remaining spins back to Larson. Her strategy was sound. Just one Whammy and Larsons score would be wiped, leaving the rest of his exploits for naught. It didnt work. Larson survived the remaining turns on the board. When the episode finally ended, the ice cream man from Ohio had taken Press Your Luck for a record sum of 110, 237. Normally, the winning contestant would be invited back to defend their title on the next episode. That did not happen in Larsons case. “We got a special call from the president of CBS thanking you for retiring, ” Tomarken quipped at the episodes close. He wasnt kidding. Behind the scenes, show producers and network executives were already doing damage control. “Virtually every department head at CBS gathered, ” Lieblich recalled. “And the prevailing question was ‘How could we let this happen? What can we do about it? And, do we have to pay this guy his money? ” The production team pulled the shows tapes and began analyzing Larsons movements, frame-by-frame. A few things stood out. First, the player appeared to celebrate early on several occasions, before it was clear what amount or prize he had won. Second, during Larsons remarkable run, he landed on the same two squares 35 out of 40 times. Producers realized that Michael had discovered a pattern. “There was a lot of attempted finger pointing. But this was one of these situation when, really, nobody was at fault, ” Lieblich admitted. “We went over the release form with a fine-toothed comb. He fit every criteria. He had not broken any of the rules of the game. He had played fairly. He was an eligible contestant. We insisted that he was paid his money, which he won fairly and honestly. ” Bill Mitchell, Press Your Luck s producer, was scared of what Larsons success could mean for the future. “I was frightened of it. I thought he might ruin the show. ” Still, even he could not fault the contestants impressive feat. “I think it was a David versus Goliath story. He slew us. ” Changes were immediately made to the Press Your Luck game board. Programmers added further sequences and patterns into the random automation system, ensuring that no other contestant could replicate what Larson had done. Initially, CBS decided not to air Larsons appearance, fearing it would make the network look bad. Eventually, they relented. Because of how long Larsons streak lasted, the footage had to be split into two episodes. Part one aired Friday, June 8, 1984. The second episode aired on Monday, June 11. It earned the highest ratings in Press Your Luck s history. Larson took his winnings and headed back to Ohio. He claimed he would invest the money in real estate, but that plan was short lived. Instead, the game show winner continued looking for more opportunities to get rich quick. When a local radio station ran a contest offering 30, 000 to any person who could provide a dollar bill whose serial number matched their randomly selected digits, Larson took thousands out of his bank account in single notes. The decision was a poor one. Not only did he not win the contest, but days later, his house was robbed. Over 50, 000 in cash was stolen. The robbers were never found. Larson would eventually run afoul of the law. His involvement with illegal lottery scams caught the attention of both the IRS and FBI. He fled from Ohio to Florida, where he would later die of cancer in 1999. Meanwhile, Press Your Luck is receiving a reboot. As reported by Vulture, the gameshow is casting contestants for a return to the airwaves on ABC.

Movie Online Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandaleuse. Movie Online Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandales. Movie online big bucks the press your luck scandal episode number. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal trailer. Movie online big bucks the press your luck scandal. Photo: Prime Video Game show fans are truly living in a golden era. Not only are classic episodes of beloved genre favorite Jeopardy now streaming on Netflix and Hulu, but Pluto TV recently launched a free 24/7 game show channel, which means vintage episodes of  Supermarket Sweep, Match Game, Classic Concentration, To Tell the Truth, Password, Card Sharks, and more are available all day every day. Id never disparage these classics, but even Alex freaking Trebek is no match for one of my all-time favorite game shows: Press Your Luck. Airing on CBS in the mid-80s and now streaming on Prime Video, Press Your Luck  centered on three contestants who collected spins by answering a variety of trivia questions and then used said spins to try to win big money on a dazzling, extremely showy game board. Sounds easy, right? Nope. Contestants were also forced to contend with the most devious game show villain in history: The Whammy. The spirit of satan with a wardrobe Id describe as Evel Knievel meets the Dominos Pizza Noid, “Whammies” were randomly scattered throughout the big board. If you were unfortunate enough to land on one, this jovial degenerate would not only take all your money, hed also mock you via animated tomfoolery. These are the acts of an unscrupulous monster. Photo: Amazon Prime Whammies are natural-born antagonists, and while I hate them with every fiber of my being, I just cant look away. I was and am transfixed by these little scamps. They seem to enjoy, in no particular order: manual labor, sarcasm, singing, laughing, and blowing themselves up. Contestants would yell some variation of “big bucks, no Whammy! ” in an attempt to avoid these bozos, but it was futile. In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Whammies. Press Your Luck was also known for producing one of the most notorious scandals in game show history when an unemployed ice cream truck driver won over 110, 000 after memorizing the patterns used on the game board, which is perhaps the greatest “Whammy” of them all. If youre interested, the Game Show Network produced a documentary on the memorable event,  Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal. Theres a trove of classic game shows available to stream on Prime Video — including vintage episodes of Family Feud — but you cant go wrong with Press Your Luck. RELATED: ‘Perfect Bid Tells The Story of The Man Who Outsmarted ‘The Price is Right Where to stream Press Your Luck.

Television is such an expansive medium in 2018 that trends are bound to pop up. For instance: Assassin-dramedy is now officially a subgenre, and shows that compete in the limited-series category at the Emmys—[ cough] Big Little Lies and The Alienist —can extend themselves for a second season, because if Meryl Streep wants to do television, you let her and dont ask questions. Most of these trends are mere happenstance; the kind of thing that occurs when more than 500 pieces of original programming are being churned out to accommodate increasingly niche viewing needs. But there is one trend thats becoming impossible to ignore—something that is transcending quirky coincidence and coalescing into a unified theory that connects a large swath of shows across several networks. Its high time we talk about the ever-growing Good TV Universe. On its surface, the Good TV Universe—which comprises The Good Doctor, The Good Cop, The Good Place, The Good Fight, Good Girls, and Good Behavior —is merely a collection of shows that have “Good” in their titles, for reasons either sarcastic or surprisingly self-serious. But as Ive come to realize, like Neo at the end of The Matrix, thats only part of the truth. There is a Good TV world out there, one that has been growing right under our noses for years. In an era when cinema is enraptured with large-scale, interconnected cinematic universes, the best one was hiding on the small screen all along. Come down the rabbit hole with me as I attempt to explain televisions most compelling universe in a series of smaller analyses. A Brief History of TVs Evolution Into Goodness Before there was Good, there was Bad. The first golden age of television was defined by male antiheroes doing morally questionable things and being damn irresistible to watch while doing so. The OG TV bad boy was Tony Soprano, but the poster boy for this male antihero drama trend came to be Breaking Bad s Walter White. As we witnessed Walter White transform from an anonymous high school science teacher into an odious kingpin who wouldnt think twice about poisoning a little kid, Breaking Bad became an Emmy-winning, era-defining show. Also, it had “Bad” in the name, and that was pretty on the nose. With apologies to The Bad Girls Club, Breaking Bad is the best show ever made with “Bad” in its title. But it may have set the bar too high for its descendents, bursting the Bad bubble in the process. While Breaking Bad inspired future male antihero imitators and even shows with taglines that intimated people were going to be Bad (like Bloodline s “Were not bad people, but we did a bad thing”) what followed wasnt nearly as good (hello, Ozark. and a proper, literal Bad Universe never fully developed. (Important note: The Bad Universe is different from the Breaking Bad Universe, which includes Better Call Saul. ) Where did all the Bad shows go? They were likely stopped in their tracks after the first extension of a potential Bad Universe was such a spectacular failure. The Kate Walsh–starring drama Bad Judge —which was about, to quote IMDb, a “hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who plays with the law”—lasted just one season before NBC canceled it. One bad apple led to Bad TVs ruination. But as one TV kingdom fell, another rose in its place. The Good Wife began just a year after Breaking Bad did, and its permanence paved the way for other Good shows to arrive in its stead. It certainly helps that the post– Good Wife Good shows were actually … good shows. The CBS All Access spinoff The Good Fight somehow kept its political tension without losing its sense of fun (in The Good Fight, viewing the Trump pee tape emits a glowing golden hue from a laptop screen. This past month, The Good Place was crowned the best show on television in 2018 by TV Guide, a reward thats hard to argue after two thrilling, twisty seasons that consider what makes a good person (or eternal being. Now the landscape is overflowing with Good shows, and just like that, the Good Universe has begun to take shape. What Makes a Good Profession? Like most actual human beings, the TV characters in the Good Universe have occupations that help define who they are. Lets go through all the shows and break down what the main characters are up to: The Good Doctor Main Show Profession: The titular Good Doctor, Shaun, is a surgeon, and so are his doctor coworkers. The Good Fight / Wife Main Show Profession: Several lawyers—of varying degrees of sketchiness. Good Girls Main Show Profession: Thieves, who are also housewives, planning a heist to support themselves. The Good Cop Main Show Profession: Law enforcement. Good Behavior Main Show Profession(s) A hired gun and a con artist. The Good Place Main Show Profession: All the humans protagonists are dead and subject to the whims of eternal beings broadly defined as demons, who torture the majority of humanity except for the chosen few who can make it to the Good Place. Making it into the Good Place is virtually impossible, outside of the most virtuous human beings like the Dalai Lama and NGolo Kanté. The demons main job is conjuring up new ways to torture the humans, while our human protagonists must carve out a path to salvation, lest they spend an eternity getting their skin peeled off and boiled alive. As you can see, being broadly considered Good or being the titular Good in a Good show—in an ironic sense or otherwise—doesnt preclude a character from any profession, or even the mortal bounds of this Earth. Heck, if ABC ordered a show called The Good Plumber tomorrow, I wouldnt bat an eye; plumbers have been underrepresented for years! In other words: A Good TV show can be about anyone doing anything. A Theory of Everything (Good) Now, the first argument that an anti–Good Universe theorist will present is this: How could shows airing on CBS and CBS All Access ( The Good Wife, The Good Fight) TNT ( Good Behavior) NBC ( Good Girls, The Good Place) ABC ( The Good Doctor) and Netflix ( The Good Cop) all be connected? Networks wouldnt collaborate like this, they might add, pushing their glasses back to the brims of their noses like haters. But consider this counterpoint: Theres no evidence that proves they arent connected, either. These Good shows dont deal with a lot of overlap; the courtrooms of The Good Fight arent going to crossover with the chambers of an eternal, omnipotent, burrito-eating judge on The Good Place. But that doesnt prove anything. For example, there are plenty of hospitals in America. Just because the women of Good Girls dont stop by The Good Doctor s hospital, doesnt mean he doesnt exist in the same world. While Good Girls rob a grocery store, The Good Doctor is lancing boils inside a porn stars vagina. Heres the thing: These Good TV shows might be waiting for the perfect moment to announce themselves as an interconnected universe. Think about how M. Night Shyamalan made a secret sequel to Unbreakable —2016s Split —and reverse-engineered a superhero cinematic universe that will be rounded out with a trilogy upon the release of next years Glass. The Good TV Universe could be waiting for a similar big reveal. And it could be coming soon. After extensive research, Im pretty sure it will happen like this: Christine Baranskis Diane Lockhart will take a much-needed vacation to a Greek island, where she will inadvertently, tragically die in the middle of an elaborate song-and-dance number during which a young man flirts with her. And before Good Fight fans can even grab hold of their tissues and condemn the show for its cynical narrative decision, we see it: Diane is in a nondescript waiting room, with green letters plastered on the wallpaper reading: “Welcome! Everything is fine. ” “Diane, come on in, ” says Ted Dansons Michael. Boom, Good Fight – Good Place shared universe confirmed. Rinse and repeat when The Good Doctor inadvertently kills a patient, or the hitman of Good Behavior murders someone, and youve got a through line to connect all these shows in the afterlife. Whenever Good shows want to shake things up with a character death, theyre sent to The Good Place —even if, technically, theyre going to the Bad Place. (Im looking at you, the Good Doctor; youre not fooling me. There, now you see. With the connected Good Universe expertly, unequivocally established, let us move on. A Scale From Good to Good Not all Goods have been created equal. TNTs series might be named Good Behavior, but seeing that the show follows the complicated relationship between a hitman and a con artist, it is about the opposite of good behavior. (Nice one, guys. Conversely, in Netflixs The Good Cop, Josh Groban plays a virtuous, wholesome cop; no strings attached. In that case, the title can be taken at face value. Thus, there is a Good scale to consider in the Good TV Universe, from the earnest to the sarcastic. Here is how the shows break down, from Legit Good to Bad Good. Legit Good The Good Cop: Again, its about a very wholesome cop (Groban. The tension derives from the good cops contrast with his father, played by Tony Danza, who had a reputation for being a bad cop. But since the title refers to the son, this is Legit Good. The Good Doctor: Freddie Highmores Shaun might not always know the best way to approach and talk to people, but at its core this very good doctor is all about saving lives in ingenious ways; with any luck, he might also score a date with his attractive neighbor who really likes to play video games. Lukewarm Good The Good Place: This is a tough one, because the humans and the immortal beings at the center of the show evolve throughout, from self-centered jerks to people who want to be better. Its the best of both Good worlds, really. The Good Fight / Wife: There are public sex scandals and heady slaps to the face, but also lawyers occasionally doing good things in court. This falls squarely in the middle. Bad Good Good Girls: The Good Girls—played by Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman—have the right intentions for planning a heist, but the fact of the matter is that robbery is still illegal and generally frowned upon! This isnt like the upcoming Steve McQueen movie Widows, where Viola Davis has to pull off a heist because Paper Boi from Atlanta is threatening to kill her. This is just three bored people trying to reassert their agency and make a quick buck. You can do that in less illicit ways, Im sorry! Good Behavior: There is plenty of sex appeal in Good Behavior, but also plenty of murder. This is clearly Bad Good. The Future of Good Shows, and My Existential Breakdown The Good TV Universe shows no immediate signs of slowing down. Post– Good Wife, heres how its looking: As The Good Place and The Good Fight gear up for their third seasons, The Good Doctor just began its second season after becoming a ginormous ratings hit for ABC, Good Girls was renewed for a second season, and The Good Cop dropped on Netflix just this month. The only Good show in flux is Good Behavior, which TNT is mulling over whether to provide a “final chapter” for after two seasons with tepid ratings. Still, six solid Good shows out of seven is a very high success rate—compare that with the early films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (remember Edward Nortons Hulk. What success means, of course, is expansion. Next year, well get an eighth Good show: Good Trouble, on Freeform. Good Trouble is going to be a spinoff of The Fosters, which opens a Pandoras box. Its a spinoff of a show that isnt tied to the Good Universe, but since it has Good in the name, is The Fosters also part of the Good Universe? Is Noah Centineo now Good Universe canon? If shows that dont have “Good” in their title can be part of the Good Universe, whats to stop other non-Good shows from joining it? What if this goes all the way to the top? Its a lot to think about, I know. Until further research is conducted, we cant leave anything to chance: We can assume only that every scripted show on television is part of the expansive Good TV Universe. Here, want to see my vision board? Westeros is a fictitious fantasy world concocted by someone undergoing a hallucinogenic drug trial in New York City. And what about the Upside Down of Stranger Things? Great question: That was taking place in the past, before all other Good TV shows began their timelines; plus, none of the Good shows take place in Indiana, anyway. The Walking Dead s zombie apocalypse? I hate to break it to you, but Rick Grimes is still in a coma —and the Good Doctor is working on a solution so he can once again be a Good Cop and eat pudding with his son. It all makes sense, really: Television has become an ouroboros of Goodness, swallowing itself in an endless cycle of Good-based programming after a brief stint of trying to break Bad. There is no way to break the Good cycle; we must simply enjoy all the Good stuff that is being provided to us on an infinite loop. Welcome! Everything is fine.

Movie Online Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandals. Movie online big bucks the press your luck scandaley. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal free. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal show. Date Viewed Movie Director Notes 12. 10. 05 The Most Dangerous Game Irving Pichel, Ernest B. Schoedsack My personal experience of the 7th Voyage of Butt-Numb-A-Thon. and my first! RRR! RRR! RRR! RRR! Somewhere along the line, the people that make alarm clocks must have done a study to discern that the most annoying sound in the world was not a ring or a beep but rather a sideways electronic grunt. Especially when it starts crying at 8 AM. Is this the day that I get into Butt-Numb-A-Thon? I shower and get downtown by about 9:10, passing by the Alamo on my way to a somewhat close parking space. Parking before noon on a saturday pretty much rocks. If i had a wristwatch that enabled me to control time, I'm pretty sure the #1 abuse would be rewinding to 9 AM to park then fast forwarding back to whenever I need it to be. Blake and Micah are already there but I only need to casually skip in front of one person to meet them. It doesn't matter anyway since the standby line is going by raffle this year. In fact, I think maybe those people that got there at 5:30 AM did so just to make all of us feel bad if they didn't get in. I got there at a good time though. Harry's webpage said to show up at 10 and they handed the raffle tickets out at about 10:05 and cut everybody that got there after that off. I thought that was pretty harsh for about 20 seconds until I realized that it meant better odds for me. And so we waited. Luckily, the guy I skipped in front of had brought his laptop. I missing Harry's posting of the fake line-up for today: a list of movies that would play in bizarro-world BNAT. The list: Rollerball Gorgo Top Hat I Married A Monster From Outer Space Shurayukihime Guns of Navarone Escape from NY Revenge of the Colossal Beasts Deliverance Hooper Tin Drum Sword of Gideon We all new it would be 7 new ones and 5 old ones. Assuming each was new, let's see. No clue what Rollerball could be. Gorgo must be Kong. It's a Given. Top Hat. Most Everybody was thinking The Producers but my secret hope was that my memory didn't betray me and I actually did see Liam Lynch's name on that initial BNAT Attendees list and that he would show up with Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. Wishful thinking. Top Hat seems much more correlative to The Producers (and one of Harry's friends told us as much. No clue on Monster from Outer Space. IMDb told us that Shurayukihime was Lady Snowblood which meant Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Had to. No clue on Guns of Navarone. People had mixed thoughts on Escape from NY but again, my secret hope kicked in. The John Carpenter on the attendees list probably wasn't _The_ John Carpenter because Eli Roth wasn't listed and we knew he was showing up. Still though, just the thought, coupled with Drew and Scott being in town. I bet they are gonna show their Masters of Horror episode Cigarette Burns. Revenge of the COllossal Beasts? No clue. Deliverance must be Hostel. MUST BE! With Eli here and the film screening in town Monday. MUST BE. No clue on Hooper. For whatever reason the guy in line kept putting his laptop away after browsing one web page and getting him to bring it out again and again seemed rude. So, trying to think of what movie Hooper is, the only thing that popped into my head is that early Paul Newman mystery movie where the title is one word that's his name. It was William Goldman's first script. Nobody knew what the hell I was talking about. One guy tried to convince me that I was thinking of The Verdict for a while. Now, Hindsight Alert, if we HAD looked up Hooper on IMDb, we all would have guessed it instantly. Tin Drum? no clue. Sword of Gideon? IMDb said it was set in Munich. Duh! With that, we started to brace ourselves for having to watch a Spielberg movie as the last movie. By now, ticket holders had started to line up around the building and the standby line stretched down to the pizza cart. Post-baby Karen came out and gave out raffle tickets. She asked how I was. Sweet! Recognition kicks so much ass. I think it's because I asked how her baby was doing one time when I bought a ticket next to an Alamo regular so now she registers me as "been here before" which really makes up for one of the wait staff asking me if it was my first time there a few weeks ago. Karen's recognition, followed by Tim League recognizing me and shaking my hand on the stairs, were highlights of the night as far as Alamo belonginess was concerned. A theater filled with Harry's closest friends and family, and I get recognized a few times. Felt good. I also recognized someone I didn't think I would. In the initial list of attendees, a Jedidiah Scher was listed. There was even a talkback about what kind of name that was and how crazy ha ha. Hey! I sort of almost knew a Jedidiah Scher back in high school. in Maryland. Only back then he went by "Jedd" and spent all his time playing bass and somehow being popular while still liking comic books and band. Well, sure enough. I see his face in the throng of people getting their assigned seats and goody bags. He passed me and I got to be that guy who says "hey! are you (insert name here) I went to high school with you. Turns out, he lives in LA and came out because his application got in. it's his first time at the theater. He said he would always read about these crazy events going on in Austin from Harry's webpage and just decided to try and go one year. Luck (and his name, no doubt) got him in. He works for G4 now. You know, he may have a cool business card now but you know what? He read about how cool Austin was and decided to come down for a weekend. I read about it and decided to QUIT MY HIGH-PAYING JOB AND MOVE HERE. So who's working for G4 and who's living the dream, I ask. Yeah, that's right. So more and more attendees flooded into the theater. Depression fell over the fifty or so of us in the standby line. I started mentally picturing the lobby to figure out how many wooden seats they have. I could only remember eight. 8 / 50 * raffle = I'm going home. A few aintitcool aquantances of mine came over to chat, each sorry/surprised that all three of us hadn't gotten tickets. They were obviously excited because they all said "see you inside" with the same level of meaning and care that I sometimes say "you too" when an usher at a movie theater says "enjoy the show. However, each of those guys expressed genuine handshakes when they saw me later on with a bright pink band around my wrist so I forgive them all. You know, sitting in the standby line really sucks. You know you have no chance of getting in and it's a horrible feeling where you're friendly with everyone else but secretly wish they'd just leave and give me their tickets and know that sooner or later, a lucky few of us would get in and the rest would have nothing better to do than think bad thoughts about us all weekend. Personally, I was completely convinced that I wasn't getting in. I was there basically to hang out with Blake and Micah for a bit and felt even worse for them because they came down from Dallas for this. I don't think I've ever won anything in a raffle ever Unless it's a situation where everyone wins and even then I get like the 10 gift certificate for Nails by Denise or something. But for as crappy as the standby line is, I did get one highlight out of it. I got to see Eli Roth and his hot Eurobabe Hostel co-star walk up in their comfy clothes holding their ass-pillows and register to get in. I like Cabin Fever more every time I watch it and thought Hostel was really really great. Whether I got in or not today I planned to find out where the hell his screening was Monday and go for that as well, so seeing him walk up and go in was pretty cool. Of course, seeing him hanging out with people I knew and both of them sticking it out till the end was even cooler, but still. One thing I missed about QT6 was getting a seat so early that I missed seeing QT actually arrive. There's something cool about that. Then these four guys showed up super late and they had tickets. Those fuckers. The least you could do is get there on time, huh? So Karen came out and said they had 12 empty seats. That number was immediately corrected to 11. Jay Knowles, Harry's father (who was genuisely rendered as a horned cyclops in the BNAT7 artwork) picked tickets out of a bowl and read them off. Two people down the line got in together and gave a high-five out in the street. He called off a number right next to Blake, Micha, and I. We all cringed. 11 out of 50 meant that only 1 of the three of us, if any, would get in. Then they called out my number. Sweet! There were only 4 people left after my number was called but they stopped the drawing for a bit to take care of the batch of 5 of us standing out in the street. Karen started handling us like dazed cattle, taking us toward the door and handing out t-shirt and gift bag tickets along with our wristbands and telling us to go up the stairs to pay. As we left I heard Jay say "Don't raffles SUCK. and I felt really bad that Blake and Micah only had a 1 in 40 chance with only 4 tickets left to draw. On the other hand, I had just gotten into BNAT7. On the stairs, I could hear Tim League on the mic, bringing absolutely massive cheers from the audience. I was really like a dazed cow standing there, ready to hand out my 60 bucks to whoever would take it just so I could get in the theater and not miss any more. I also felt a sense of duty to document the fuck out of this whole event so Blake and Micah could each re-live it through my lovely descriptive prose. They only had size Large left of the t-shirts, meaning my decidedly XL frame would never be able to sport the great BNAT7 shirt? Oh well, just let me in. I had to go back downstairs to get my wristband? oh well just let me in. Wait, I already had my wristband? don't go back downstairs then. JUST LET ME IN. You don't understand. Tim's introductions are classic. Hilarious, smooth, timed perfectly for audience reaction, I've never sat through a bad Tim league intro, even for films that he's never seen before. I managed to get into the theater and find a pretty choice seat (as far as wooden and fold-out chairs on the sides of the theater are concerned) just as TIm handed the mic over to Harry. I actually sat right next to Harry and the microphone mixer. I also had a table to put my jacket and food on and could lean the chair back just a tiny amount but enough to lean my head against the wall. I also prefer to sit near the front so that didn't bother me. The screen was pretty distorted from being on the far side wall but it also meant no heads taking up the frame and after the lights go down you don't notice the dimensions of the frame anymore. It also allowed me to easily scope the crowd just by turning my head, so I got to see how many people were sleeping and also got to see the projectionist switch projectors at the end of the reels: something I never actually watched before. Yeah the seat was wood and the bruise on my ass from slipping on the ice earlier in the week didn't like that much but I wasn't scrunched to either side so i got to stretch out a bit and my jacket doubled as pretty decent ass cushion. All in all I can't really complain about the seat at all, and think I might have actually preferred it to a seat farther back in the theater where I'd have to work to see between heads and keep my arms folded over my belly between the armrests. Plus I got to sit right next to Harry so anyone that came up to talk to him I got to overhear and when he wheeled himself out of the theater and dragged his mic along I was there to scoop it up and keep anyone from tripping over stepping on the mic. Also, when he'd wheel around to face the audience in between pictures, I was right behind him so I kind of got an effect of having an entire theater look at me without having to actually say anything. And to top it all off, when super-tiny hotty actress Angela Bettis got up with director Lucky McKee, I got absolute free reign to stare directly at her ass the whole time, since she was standing next to Harry (and really was barely taller than sitting Harry. so tiny! I felt like I could pick her up in my hand like Kong. Add all of that to the automatic sympathy and hardcore points all of us standby people earned at the end of it for sticking it out on the wooden seats and I have to say that it was like the best place I could have possibly sat. Plus I got to see this one girl who sat directly in front of Harry. I guess she's active in talkback or chat or something. She was this blonde girl; that type that's like a 7 and acts like she's a 9. you know, still fairly attractive but uses it way too much. She came with a guy who sat in a fold-up chair at the end of the row and would constantly get up and walk out to the lobby. She also made a habit of checking her cellphone about once a minute, giving me that awesome blue light in the corner of my eye. After the second movie, she came back saying "pajamas. and wearing these silk bottoms that barely covered her ass, showing off these black lacy get-ups oh-so-intentionally. She wasn't as bad as the two girls who hung around in trashy lingerie for the whole thing, but still. She'd also kiss Harry like every time she passed by. I don't know if Harry's girlfriend sitting right next to him saw or minded or what but Harry wasn't very responsive, even after kiss on cheek #8. At some point, her dude left for like 6-8 hours and she somehow got Matt Dentler to sit with her for like an hour or so. She also left for a stretch, coming back with a huge pizza box that she ate one piece of then had a server take it away. She ordered 3 buckets of beer and 2 pitchers and drank like two bottles. She handed Harry a bottle in the middle of a movie and asked if I wanted one but I said no. I think she left and came back the most times through the whole affair. Certain people (like the "classy guy in the 'FUCK' t-shirt" got up at least once for pretty much every movie (I know because I was sitting on the side so I saw everyone that came my way to get out) but this girl took the cake. Somewhere along the way, She told me that I'd been sitting there for a long time. I said "so have you" and she struck a pose. Weird girl, man. Like really. I kind of get that not everyone that comes to this thing is there for the movies, but I would hope that everyone is respectful to those that are. There were intermittent half hour breaks for everyone to go out and smoke, use the restroom, socialize with friends, etc. so it's not like watching every movie was torture. It's pretty clear though that a lot of people were there just for Kong. I'm getting ahead of myself. As I took my seat and tried to get comfortable, Harry was telling the audience that many of us probably had guesses based on the list of fake titles he published this morning. He then said that we're not as smart as we think we are and he's smarter than he thinks he is, which doesn't make 100% sense but people cheered anyway. He also mentioned that the last film of the night is taking about 25 hours to get here. It left yesterday, should be in customs right now, and should hopefully get here before tomorrow morning. According to Harry, it's the only print of the film in existence right now. Harry then asked the crowd for any guesses on this first movie and all sorts of titles rang out. He then asked how many first-timers were here then said "all of you people yelling out new movies have been to this before and you KNOW the first movie is always old. Then he gave it up that it's The Most Dangerous Game (which drew applause. This is a movie that I've never seen but always wanted to. I remember reading the story in 7th grade English class and there was a few stills from the movie to make it easier on us middle schoolers that have to (gasp) read! Harry said that there's really only on movie that's not a surprise "and y'all know what that is" to more cheers) and in that movie, the movie that Ms. Wray is tied up doing with producer Merian C. Cooper is this one. Pretty confusing. I didn't really get what he said until later on in the night when all became clear. Anyway, this movie is like an alternate to King Kong that Cooper produced the year before the 1933 original. Harry then mentioned that they'd play a few pre-BNAT trailers and would anyone like to guess which. A Raucous entire audience yelled out "STUNT ROCK. With that, the lights went down and the BNAT7 experience officially started with: Mel Gibson sitting down staring at the screen. "Hi all you butt-numb-a-thon-ers. He gave a little talk about how he's down in Mexico ( Mel to offscreen: Say Something in Spanish" offscreen. something in Spanish. Mel: See. and said he wanted to show us the first glimpse ever of the teaser for his new movie Apocalypto. The teaser won't show up online for 3 weeks so it was a true BNAT exclusive. "Be Brutal. he said, or cheer. It's all the same really. The teaser played, looking very interesting in the same way that The Passion teaser looked very interesting. you know, before it was revealed that it was basically a Christan snuff film. No dialgoue but shots of some pyramids and some screen text about how empires end or something. To tell you the truth I can't really remember specifics. I just remember the last shot being pretty impressive, starting with the sun and panning down to see some chief's painted arm and down further to see that he's standing before tons and tons of digital people. It could definitely be cool, but like someone told me later, you can never tell if it will be Cool Mel making a movie or Crazy Mel. Apparently when he was here to introduce The Passion at BNAT5, he was just as funny and self-deprecating as he was in the video'd intro tonight, so you can really never tell. After that, Tim played trailers for Argoman: The Fantastic Superman (now that Munich was definitely not the last movie being played (way more than one print in existence of that) Superman became the next favorite guess for everyone. This trailer helped) The Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, and Stunt Rock. Of course. The Most Dangerous Game Fake: Rollerball The Most Dangerous Game has the slow pacing and traditional set scenes of a typical 1932 movie but the horrific "twist" and subversive undercurrent that's still somewhat fresh today. It made a great first movie because, after all is said and done, it was still noon on a saturday and this is a great saturday noontime movie. It's a good settling-in movie. It kind of has the feel of I Walked with a Zombie or a better version of White Zombie or any of those foundations of early horror where it was really more about the idea than the special effects or gore. While I am all for those things, I think "the idea" remains the true source of horror in movies today. I guess there's a reason why it's in the Criterion Collection, huh. After the film, Harry introduced a few guys who talked for a while about a project they're working on with Ray Harryhausen to make Edgar Allen Poe stories as stop-motion animated shorts fopr Bravo! Canada. They showed a one-minute teaser for the six-minute short and then talked about another project they're doing with Harry from an old unfinished idea by Merian C. Cooper called War Eagles. Apparently his tagline was "bigger and better than King Kong. They showed a little "sizzler" spot for this which basically explains the idea's origin. At about this time, I look over at the other standby folk sitting against the opposite wall and see Micah! He waves and I wave back then he points down next to him. I lean over and there's Blake! I have no clue how they got in, but unfortunately couldn't go over right then and ask them because Harry decided to only do a break after every two or three movies instead of every one. This made it tough on the chronic pee-ers but also ensured that the show kept rolling. Harry told us that many thought the next film would be King Kong, and while It's true that he's showing a Peter Jackson film next, we all might be surprised. "See. said Harry, Peter's been working on a film in secret for a while now, which Peter just does because he's wiley. It's very topical though and we present it here for the first time ever! On the screen, some guy appears in a room talking to the camera. He's trying to introduce this documentary that he's been working on about Avian flu and that although it's very low budget, he did go to China to shoot. Then Jackson walks into frame behind him and interrupts the guy, saying that he was sorry but this was his BNAT slot and he's been working on a movie that he thinks people might want to see. "I'm all for low budget films, don't get me wrong. he told the guy on the screen. but I've got a big budget picture that, when i was there two years ago I promised I'd come back to show. Actually I tripped right there (pointing to the bottom-left of the screen) and it was quite embarassing. This got laughs from the audience. Jackson then said he was sorry he couldn't be here in person but was stuck in the press machine at the moment wrapped up with the premiere and he hoped we would all enjoy King Kong (asking if Harry still has his gas bomb (which he did (I saw it (it was right in front of Harry the whole time. Then they played King Kong. 12. 05 King Kong Peter Jackson King Kong Fake: Gorgo So my whole thing with King Kong is that I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I am not a huge superfan of the original, never saw the '70s remake, and thought that a 130 day shoot and over 200 million dollars for a remake was just insane. Some of my friends here had small parts in the movie though and most everybody around here thought it was going to be amazing. So I kept my mouth shut and just doubted silently. Then I saw the trailers, tv spots, and that 4 minutes that appeared online where the effects don't look up to snuff, the movie doesn't look that exciting, and it's freakin three hours long. I really enjoyed watching the production diaries online but felt they would ultimately be more interesting than the film they were making. All that said, I think Peter Jackson made a movie as good as King Kong can possibly be. I mean, yeah the first hour is long. but come on. It's a three hour movie. The whole point of a three hour movie is so you don't have to rush through it. People wouldn't complain about the pacing of the first hour if they didn't already know about what happens during the second and third. It's sort of a trick movie in that it sets itself up as one kind of movie then changes completely once Kong comes on the screen. I can only imagine what it would be like to watch this movie cold as a kid or something, not knowing the story or anything. By the time I saw the original, I knew pretty much everything about it. So watching this movie for the first time is probably a pretty wild ride. These guys go on this ship off into the wilds in search of some uncharted island. and when they get there, the movie takes a complete left turn. All of a sudden they're all attacked and this girl is taken and tied up and offered up like a snack to some unseen beast in the forest; something so gnarly and huge that the villagers build up a huge craggy wall to defend themselves and give up offerings in order to keep it happy. And then this huge ferocious ape comes out and the movie suddenly becomes a tragedy where you eventually empathize with the ape and find yourself sad when he dies. In that respect, the first hour of the movie needs to be that long in order to set up the movie that Kong is supposed to be before it gets hijacked by the giant ape. I don't think I could have seen this movie in a better environment than at BNAT. the audience cheered after scenes they liked. not just the beginning titles and end credits but after SCENES. The sound was top notch (so loud I think they either blew the center speaker or overloaded it. Tim was spotted about halfway through the movie replacing a wire or something because Kong's growls were rumbling) the print was brand new and crystal clear, and the whole place was filled with people there to see Kong. In fact, a lot of people left right after Kong. Of course none of the people sitting next to those that left let me know and I ended up spending the whole time in my wooden chair, but oh well. Like I said, I really didn't mind it. So the movie that I was really worried about not liking ended up entertaining me completely. The distinct thought that I remember having over and over toward the end is that if this were any better, it wouldn't be Kong anymore. Jack Black HAS to say "It was Beauty killed the beast. Kong has to fall off the Empire State Building; this stuff just has to happen for it to still be King Kong. I do think there's still work to be done whenever one digital character rides on top of another digital character (although Anne getting flipped up onto Kong's shoulder is way better than Legolas on the Cave Troll) and some of the effects shots are a little wonky but hey, we're talking about maybe a dozen shots out of however many hundred or thousand there were and I'm sure they'll be cleaned up for the DVD anyway. You would never think that NYC is completely fake, or that mostly every shot had some compositing in it. Even Kong is really great for the most part. He easily outshines Golem. So on the whole I was pretty impressed. Now I just hope it makes back its absolutely gargantuan budget. After the movie there was our first break which I used to snag by schwag bag and drop it off in my car. Afterward I caught up with the guy I went to highschool with, and ended up saying how in love with the Alamo I was as we walked up the stairs. Karen, the woman who just had her baby, heard me say it and said thanks. Awesome. In the lobby I ran into some AICN folks who went to the NY premiere. One of them said "fuck the premiere" and the general consensus is that this was a much better screening and they liked the movie even more here than they did there. This was also when I caught up with Micah and Blake, who explained that after the initial 11 got in, most of the crowd left and a small group stuck around just for kicks. SOmeone came back out a few minutes later saying there's three more seats available. Now in a group of only 9, Micah's ticket was drawn first and Blake's drawn last! Amazing odds that all three of us got in, but it made me feel good that we could all experience it and they wouldn't have to rely on this. 05 Footlight Parade Lloyd Bacon Footlight Parade Fake: Top Hat Back in the theater, Harry introduced the next film as 1933s Footlight Parade, which is his favorite musical (I think he said that) and a nice way to stay in '30s-era New York (rebuilt after Kong's escapades of course. He mentioned how James Cagney is best known for his gangster roles (probably because he was so freakin good in them) but he was also quite a hoofer. His background is in vaudeville but he wouldn't really get any notice for dancing in movies until Yankee Doodle Dandy like a decade after this. He really doesn't dance much in this but when he does it's pretty good and not nearly as stiff-legged as Dandy. There's also a scene where Cagney eats breakfast and there's a great big grapefruit there on the table which I can't help but think of as some set dresser's ode to The Public Enemy which came out a few years before this. The best parts of Footlight Parade should be attributed to Busby Berkeley, who created the music numbers for the movie including the tour de force triple threat of a finale that piles one outstanding number on another on another. I was very excited to see this movie because it's the one film I never quite tracked down when I went through my own private Berkeley mania a few years ago. He did this in a really hot year for him; the same year as 42nd Street, Gold Diggers of 1933, Roman Scandals, and also Dames according to Harry (although IMDb has it listed as a 1934 release. I think I still like Gold Diggers of 1933 more than this but that's simply because I saw it first. The last three numbers: Honeymoon Hotel, The Waterfall, and Shanghai Lil all belong in a museum and I believe I've seen either clips or the numbers in their entirity elsewhere. The film also has Dick Powell before he stopped shaving and became Philip Marlowe, Ruby Keeler who tries to look ugly by wearing hot eyeglasses, and Joan Blondell playing lovestruck with wild abandon. I also really love how this is clearly pre-code in that the dancers are always barely wearing anything and the humor is dirty and wise-cracking and adult. There's definitely something great about a whole music number built around a hotel where newlyweds come to screw. I think the main reason why Busby's stuff is so great though is that it captures the essence of the musical perfectly. I actually much prefer these musicals of the 30s and early 40s that all have some arbitrary plotline set in a theater of some sort because it reinforces the reality that the actual music number shatters. Once you get people singing whenever they want to, for some reason directors must think "well, we can buy them singing for no reason, but to have a lamp that wouldn't be there normally is too much. nobody will believe that. That's total BS. Footlight Parade, Dames, the Gold Diggers movies (although '35 takes place in a hotel, they still put on shows in a small stage on the grounds) 42nd Street. they all take place in a theater to give it some excuse for why people start singing. When they do though, the magic of film takes over. It becomes something completely emotional and surreal and reality distorts and melts as is needed. There's something really great about trying to imagine a Busby Berkeley number actually take place on a stage and I think that's part of the fun too. So yeah, I'm really happy Harry showed that instead of The Producers, which would probably get it all wrong wrong wrong for me. Oh, I forgot. Before Footlight Parade, they showed a Betty Boop short called Parade of the Wooden Soldiers which acted as a pretty nice transition from Kong to a musical. The cartoon had a stuffed ape come to life and wreck stuff. After footlight parade, Harry asked if Angela and Lucky were in the house. Up stepped supertiny hottie actress Angela Bettis and young horror director Lucky McKee. I immediately got super excited. I'd spooted an older guy in the ticket line with a great shirt that had a red axe on the back. Later on, inside the theater, I'd glimpsed that the front of his shirt said "The Woods. which is the movie that Lucky made starring Angela and Bruce Campbell after he finished a great little updated lesbian romantic comedy version of Frankenstein called May. So now that I saw that the older guy was actually Lucky's Dad, I completely thought that we'd get to see The Woods. They stood up and came down and stood next to Harry (cue ass-staring) and introduced. Lucky's episode of Masters of Horror. It's called Sick Girl Sick Girl Fake: I Married A Monster From Outer Space Sick Girl is about a weird bug scientist (yeah yeah they're all weird i get it) that keeps tons of pet bugs and talks weird played by Angela who meets a really cute long-haired girl played by softcore "actress" Misty Mundae and falls in love with her. I've never seen any of her work but here it's really fun. Look her up on IMDb and you'll see stuff like Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet, Lust for Dracula, Spiderbabe, Vampire Vixens, The Lord of the G-Strings, Play-Mate of the Apes, Naked Cooking, and Erotic Survivor, where she plays Misty, member of the Puu-Nani tribe. The list of great titles goes on and on. She actually did a really great job in this. I missed the beginning credits because I was peeing without having to wait in line so I missed her name and totally didn't know she was that type of "performer. I did really like it when her character said she wasn't shy and took her top off, but after she gets a bug's seed planted in her ear and starts mutating into a girlbug, there's some actual acting that needs to go on and she pulled it off really well. I will say this about Sick Girl. Having not seen John Landis' Deer Girl that aired the night before BNAT, Sick Girl was the best episode of the series that I'd seen to date. It's a fun little thing that unfortunately still has a rushed look to it but makes up for it with Angela Bettis' performance and some cool suspense dealing with a pillow that the superbug nests in. It made a really fun prelude to The Woods for sure. Meaning after they got back up and did their Q&A, They'd be showing The Woods. right? Well, they did get back up and they did take some Q&A. I did get to look at some more booty as Eric asked about working with Misty (Lucky knew her beforehand and wanted to work with her) where the story came from (it was a script before he was hired and the main part was written for a man but she wanted to have Angela as the lead so changed it to lesbo) shooting time (10 days, pretty fun and smooth shoot) and where Angela got her character choices (playing with the bugs was fun. this one little green leafy guy was like the best actor she's worked with. Off-mic Lucky said "didn't you base your character on an ex-boyfriend. and she said "shh! it was an ex-boyfriend from Austin. and what the progress is with The Woods (Lucky: Well, it's done. It's sitting somewhere. Argh! Wrong Answer! You were supposed to say "Funny you mention that. We have it right here! Enjoy The Woods, BNATTERS! LET'S SHOW IT NOW. 1" but instead you just sat down. Harsh! No Fair! Oh well. At least the Masters of Horror series was redeemed now that I've actually seen a good one. Harry said there was one more movie to see before the next break and it was Sympathy for Lady Vengeance! Harry: I am DYING to see this" The lights dimmed and they ran trailers for Lucky Seven and The Soul of Bruce Lee (this didn't play at trailerthon, Lucky Seven did. Then the screen went white and the movie started. 05 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Chan-wook Park Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Fake: Shurayukihime (Lady Snowblood) Very operatic, very deliberate, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance completes the loose trilogy of movies that each pretty much floor me. I think, at least on first viewing, Oldboy still tops the list for me but this movie was pretty damn cool as well. It kind of tricked me on my expectations though by starting out very disjointed and complex, filled with flashbacks on multiple characters and really taking a lot to keep tabs on all of these people that we're just meeting for the first time, but becoming simpler and simpler as it goes on. I heard from Blake that they're toying with a cut of the film where the color starts to desaturate at the midpoint of the film until it's complete black and white at the end. This makes complete sense and would be interesting to watch, but may also be a bit too on the nose. As it is though, the movie is pretty enchanting in the way that Chan-Wook Park's previous two were and a worthy addition to the set. That reminds me. I think I'll just be forever unclear about wether it's Chan-Wook Park or Park Chan-Wook. I've heard people say it both ways and his films credit both ways. My personal hunch is that in Korea they credit family name first then first name so I would be Miller Brian over there, but that's just a guess and I really don't know and even if that were true, would it be better to say it how they say it or say it how Americans say it? All I know is that he makes good movies. At the end I still felt a bit confused about the beginning and thought I needed to see it again, which is usually not a bad thing. There's an Alamo event just waiting to happen there though. all three revenge films one after the other would make a whole theater spooge I think. Another break, used mainly to absorb what we just saw. Blake was just a little underwhelmed but I think he'd been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. It suddenly dawned on me that this thing was one movie shy of being halfway over. Was it really 10 PM already? The battery in my watch died a few days ago so without my cell phone and in the confines of a darkened theater, I had absolutely no conception of time whatsoever. It felt like it was just getting going though. The first 10 hours had passed very quickly. Back inside, Harry introduced the next film as one that he's been bugging Tim League to get a print of for years. Luck worked out this year and one became available. He then asked the audience if anyone's ever seen a movie called The Professionals. Hmm. sounds familiar but all that comes to mind is the Luc Besson film The Professional. A few people mightily roared though, and even more people cheered when Harry asked who's seen The Wild BUnch. Well of course everyone here's seen The Wild Bunch, he's just dropping a more familiar name because not enough people have seen The Professionals. So then Harry starts up his intro in typical Harry fashion by saying he will introduce this movie in a very wrong way. Then he said he almost thinks that This movie is better than Wild Bunch because it has a fantastic cast but Wild Bunch has a fantastic cast too so the main reason why this may be different is that Jack Palance plays a mexican. "Wait a minute. I thought, I've seen Jack Palance play a Mexican. Harry goes on to say how cool Burt Lancaster is in this film and I thought "wait a minute, I've seen a movie where Burt Lancaster is cool and Jack Palance plays a Mexican. What's the name of this movie. Harry then says that Gina Lolobrigida. excuse me Claudia Cardinale has the second best sweaty titties ever in this film (the first pair going to Caroline Munro in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad) and that this is a great Men on a Mission flick. At this point I am like "hold on! I have seen this movie, what's it called. at which point it clicks and I get that he's talking about The Professionals and he didn't just bring it up to compare it to the next movie. Ahh I can get mixed up sometimes. So now I'm thinking how and where I saw this movie. how I can possibly have seen a BNAT movie before BNAT! Maybe I'm really more versed in film than I give myself credit! Oh wait. Harry listed The Professionals as one of his DVD picks. So even though I've already seen this, it was because of Harry that I have. Well, I remember liking the movie, and watching it on a big screen will be sweet, so bring it on! The trailers start. I hear a familiar tune. It's El Desperado AKA The Dirty Outlaws that screened at QT6. I start to sing along because it's such a great song. The movie was a bit slow and off, but damn if that song doesn't get lodged in my head for weekes every time I hear it. Tim's recent aquisition of the trailer does not bode well for my sanity. Next came Once Upon A Time in the West There Was A Man Called Invincible: a trailer that I like because it's funny but hate because the title is so damn long. And then, in perhaps the most random moment of the event, the teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest played. 05 The Professionals Richard Brooks The Professionals Fake: Guns of Navarone Harry neglected to mention that LEE fuckin MARVIN is the star of this movie, where he plays his requisite badass with morals that heads up the all-star group of equal badasses on a mission that demands maximum badassosity. Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan and Woody Strode fill out the team as the explosives expert, the horse whisperer, and the tracker. Ralph Bellamy hires them to "rescue" Claudia Cardinale from Mexican bandito Jack Palance's dirty mits. Apparently Palance has kidnapped her and since Marvin and Lancaster used to work with him, they would know best how to infiltrate his dirty Mexican camp. Richard Brooks shows some awesomely sweaty desert. There's some great men on a mission encounters here like when they deal with random banditos on the path and how they get into Palance's camp but most of the great stuff comes from the characters. Lancaster wants to screw every woman in sight, Marvin is too cool to even look at anyone, and Palance, of course, is a Mexican. This is really a treat because it's up there with the classic westerns but it's pretty much unheard of. i personally love finding a movie like this because, with the more movies I see, I kind of miss seeing the really great ones. Like, I've already seen The Wild Bunch lots of times, you know? Wouldn't it be great to see a movie just as good but for the first time! I remember a long time ago trying to find a D&D movie that was as good as Dragonslayer. I just couldn't do it. All I had was Dragonslayer and even that wasn't 100% fulfilling. I guess I'd have to wait like 10 years until Lord of the Rings came out for satisfaction. After The Professionals ended, Harry brought up Matt Dentler: Mr. SXSW. Matt: The only reason why I'm introducing this movie is because I've seen it, and really the only reason why I've seen it is because it'll be playing south by southwest next year. Who was here at last year's Butt-Numb-A-Thon (cheers) OK so you guys probably remember a little movie that played called Ong Bak? massive cheers) Well, this is not Ong Bak 2. It's not the same universe, it's a French crime film, but I think you'll see that the action and fighting in this movie is in the same vein as Ong Bak. This movie is called District 13 and right now nobody knows about it but I think it'll be a cult classic pretty soon. it was written and produced by Luc Besson. If you do not absolutely love the first 15 minutes of this movie, then you are not a true film aficianado or fan or whatever. That's all I have to say. With that the lights go down and ttrailers start to play: Scorpions and Miniskirts, Danger Girls, and Seven Golden Women Against Two 07 (treasure Hunt. 11. 05 District 13 Pierre Morel Banlieue 13 (District B13) Fake: Escape from New York I guess Luc Besson is never going to direct anything again ever. I get the feeling that now he wakes up some days with a half-remembered idea he had in some dream and hires people to make movies out of them. Hey! what if Jet Li was a dog? Hey! What if a taxi had super powers? Hey! what about a movie about a guy who drives a car? He sure does attach his name to a lot of successful stuff though. OK, I remember there was a Levi's commercial a while back with a group of guys who didn't believe in the concept of stairs or elevators so they would scale down buildings and jump from rooftop to rooftop. There was also like, a french 60 minutes-esque segment that found its way onto the Internet with this same group of guys that could fall incredible distances and roll out of them without being hurt. I think that one of those guys is the star of this movie because the chase segment in the first 15 minutes of District 13 is exactly like that Levi's commercial. This dude's jumping through windows, scaling down balconies, falling like 20 feet at a time, doing all this crazy stuff, except since it's a movie there's guys trying to chase him and falling and breaking bones and stuff. It's incredibly awesome to watch and the audience immediately started in with the Oooh! s and Ow! s. The whole first bit is amazingly cool. This spider-man dude kicks all sorts of ass. Even when he's in a jail cell he still kicks ass. Then it cuts to this other dude who is a cop but can also fight and the movie slows down as it goes on. I think that's inevitable for any movie with that strong of an opening. It does get a bit absurd though, with this strung out girl apparently kicking her heroin habit in 20 minutes and some The Rock-esque suspense to get to some rocket/bomb before it takes off or whatever. The plot is pretty inane, almost to the point where watching the movie without reading the subtitles would be better, but man those first fifteen minutes. You just can't mess with those first fifiteen minutes. We had another break after that where I got to hear about kier-la's Luciano Rossi (the guy she got up and gushed about before Five For Hell on QT6's Itallian WWII Epic Night) Tiger Beat-esque fanzine, where she basically talks about how cute he is and in which movies he has the best haircut and costume and stuff like that. I personally thought it was awesome to A) hear that she was attracted to men, B) note a lack of ring on her left forefinger, and C) that she thought that I sent her a photo of him even though it was Blake that actually did it. So it was a good conversation all in all, even though it ran past the end of the break a bit. That's OK though, I will always miss a Harry introduction for a bit more time with the lovely Kier-la. When I got back inside, Drew AKA Moriarty and his writing partner Scott Swan AKA Obiswan were standing next to the big guy talking about their Masters of Horror Episode. I just heard the end but they basically said that they've gotten to see it a few times now and wanted to watch it with us so they hope we like it. The audience was not stingy with cheers and applause all throughout BNAT. It ws very clear that everyone was there to have a good time and really celebrate film and/or Harry's birthday in a good way. The lights went down once again and light danced on the screen. A wonderful little teaser for an AICN-produced movie called 2gether 4ever where a highschool girl wearing a too-short skirt draws a heart on somebody's locker in blood. And then, Cigarette Burns Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns Fake: Revenge of the Colossal Beasts Cigarette Burns was like The Ninth Gate but better. While I am just as turned on by a search for a notoriously eveil film as I am by a search for a notoriously evil book, Cigarette Burns does not have things like guardian angels and climactic satanic rituals and Udo Kier makes a much better rich eccentric than Frank Langella. I'd count this as another good episode of the series (that makes three, with Sick Girl and Deer Woman) and I really only have one gripe about it. The notoriously evil film in question is titled Le Fin Absolute du Monde. They must say that damn title 50 times in 50 minutes. I asked Drew about this later and he said they got screwed by legal. It was originally Le Fin du Monde which rolls off the tongue much faster and smoother but the legal department made them change it. On one hand I kind of understand but on the other. like a pronoun here or there is too hard to throw in? That aside though, this had two or three really great gore moments which made up for hearing Norman Reedus say the name of the movie over and freakin over. Right after Cigarette Burns ended, Harry called for Eli Roth to come on down. Unfortunately, Barbara long-european-last-name didn't come down with him so I didn't get any more free ass-gazing in while Eli talked a bit. Earlier in the night, he had come down to say hello to Harry, snuck his hand down the neck of his shirt, and left some Eli Roth chest hair on his table. Even more earlier, we in the standby line marvelled at the constant stream of absolutely gorgeous women seen at Eli's side. This dude is obviously taking full advantage of being a movie director, massive amounts of body hair or no. It took a bit of stammering before he and Harry gave us what the next movie would be: not Hostel but a british spelunking thriller called The Descent. Eli then introduced a clip from Hostel that he calls the "eyegasm" scene to sate those of us who didn't make it out to Fantastic Fest a few months ago to see an early cut of the entire movie. The scene is a complete tease, cutting out just before the gasm moment that makes it all worth it. Afterward Eli yelled out "If I had seen that before we showed it, I would've brought something better. Sorry. but I don't think the crowd minded. 05 The Descent Neil Marshall The Descent Fake: Deliverance I haven't seen that movie The Cave with Cole Hauser that came out earlier in the year but I imagine that it's a lot like this movie except for instead of Hauser and some roughneck macho types, this has six hot British chicks going down in the cave. The film played on DVD and Harry said he tried to get it on film but something went wrong along the way or something like that. In any case, this was the last movie to come together for him this year so we get stuck with watching it on DVD. It was shot on DV anyway so it doesn't really matter. I really didn't expect this movie to be good at all. I was strongly reminded of Harry's all-night horrorthon that they did this past july and how bad the requisite indy horror movie they played then was. Plus this was a cave movie where they find a monster. blah. pretty typical stuff. But then they had some shots where the hot girls had to scuttle along like worms to get through these tiny crevices in the rock and it's completely obvious that it's just them and a dv camera down there in a real cave, not some set with polystyrene rocks. At this point it started working on me like Open Water did. A lot of people were flat-out bored by Open Water; my personal hunch on that is that it relies on your fear of the ocean. If i was a diver or surfer or something and had no problem with swimming in water that went for miles and miles under me and could be filled with who knows what and I'm just bobbing on the surface like fish food before some goldfish swims up to suck it in, then I probably would've been bored by Open Water too. With this though, the thought of voluntarily going down and walking through what's basically an accident in the earth in a place where there's absolutely no light or easy way out and any number of unkown factors anywhere in the Earth could trigger the tiny space you are momentarily inhabiting to cave in and erase you forever is not my idea of a good time. So there's a moment in the film where we find out that they are in an uncharted cave instead of some safe tourist trap and I completely bought in. I was invested. After that, I was surprised again to see the dealing with the monsters, at least at first, to be genuinely scary. The first reveal really threw me and I jumped. I jumped several times and didn't feel dirty or manipulated afterward. It did get a bit excessive toward the end but I guess I am stuck with that. You can't have a movie that's all beginnings. it needs to go somewhere or you end up unfulfilled. It stayed surprisingly creepy though. A big surprise for me. Another thing I noticed while watching this was how absorbed Harry was. I'm sure Harry got tons of shit for crying during Armageddon and I've always thought he likes way too many movies but in getting a chance to watch some movies pretty much right next to him I really got to see how he throws himself into every film. He was jerking and gasping all throughout this film, even yelling out "oh shit. once. It's the same feeling as when I saw a buddy's girlfriend all curled up against his arm and hiding her eyes while watching Hollow Man. Hollow Man! Something about that childlike innocence and vulnerability toward a movie that drives a lot of what I think is really magic about the medium. A large part of me wishes I could become 6 again like that every time the lights go down and really be affected by almost every movie I watch instead of just every once in a while when something really special comes along. It surely would've made sitting through Hollow Man more enjoyable. One last note about Harry. He left for like 10 minutes during pretty much every movie. I think it was to use the restroom in privacy and it took him a while with his wheelchair, but still. I wonder how he feels about missing so much of the movies. maybe that's why he watches them like 15 times each. I absolutely hated it every time I dozed during the last movie or every time I had to use the restroom or walk out to the lobby to give my ass-bruise a break, and with all of that I think I still only missed about 5 minutes of movie-time total. After The Descent we had another break. I finally got to ask Tim if we could expect to see the Thunder Cops trailer since he'd been showing the highlights of last week's trailerthon all night. "I'd say chances are good. In about 2 hours. Sweet! After seeing it twice, the Thunder Cops trailer has pretty much become my favorite trailer of the year. It's got everything: kung-fu, chicks shooting guns at each other, zombies, mystical eastern magics, a chase sequence between a decapitated head and a fleet of remote-controlled helicopters. what more can you ask for! Each break really energized me. I think it made the night go faster and stay on schedule to not have a break after every movie but it really cut down on walking around and socializing with people. This was one of the few times a year where nearly a whole theater will know each other and it's cool to stand out in the lobby between films and talk them over. Oh well. Into the breach once more as night became day and we entered the final stretch of films, harry introduced the next film as a bizarre movie from the fifties that he's not sure if the crowd will like or not. The lights go down and a production company logo comes up (VCI or something like that. Some people started out "uh oh. then we see a cliff with a man standing right on the edge and enormous cheers break out in the theater. Here it was at last: Stunt Rock. 05 Stunt Rock Brian Trenchard-Smith Stunt Rock Fake: Hooper If we'd looked up Hooper on IMDb and saw that it was a Burt Reynolds movie that was full of stunts, there's no way we could've not figured this out. The Stunt Rock trailer has played at every BNAT as far as I've heard but this was the first time the entire movie was being shown. Needless to say, the crowd was ready for it. Too bad it was really really horrible. Horrible in a great way of course, but still horrible. The movie is pretty self-explanatory. It's either a stunt, rock, or rock with stunts. It's either near-documentary footage of this stuntman doing lame stunts like scaling down a building or getting lit on fire or concert footage of this really lame hair metal band called Sorcery doing songs and including a guy dressed up as Merlin "battling" a arena rock version of the devil. They hypnotise each other and saw each other in half and stuff like that while the band jams for like 10 minutes at a time. just incredibly long sequences. then wrap it up when the devil has been vanquished. The loosest plotline in a movie ever ties the band and the stuntman together. For the stunt sequences, director Brian Trenchard-Smith makes liberal use of split- and tri-screen even when he doesn't have enough footage to fill each frame (he mirrored some shots, took blown-up still frames, and duplicated footage. it's just really really horrible. The stunts and bad acting are still more interesting than the rock band stuff though, which is torturous. So many people fell asleep during this movie. I don't know why I didn't. So we've all finally seen Stunt Rock. According the the guys at the end of the movie, that was 1978 Australia's vision of the future of music: magic and stunts mixed with rock n roll. Makes you think Justin and Britney aren't the end of the world after all. Lars got up to introduce the next film which is the one from the Alamo Vaults. I'd heard great things about the films that Tim has picked in previous years for this slot. Toys are Not for Children is still pretty high on my list of movies to see. This year, Lars said they're playing a movie that Tim was too sick to make it down to the theater for. A movie that's perhaps the most offensive movie ever made. The unofficial sequel to Mandingo: Drum. Before that though, they showed trailers for Eunuch of the Western Palace (got all the men in the audience screaming) and Thunder Cops (which I am proud to say I howled and clapped during its beginning credits. That's right. this trailer has beginning credits. Thunder Cops got some pretty big apllause afterward but not big enough in my opinion. After the whole thing ended though, someone mentioned to me that someone in New Zealand had a print of the entire movie, so an Alamo screening can't be too far away. 05 Drum Steve Carver Drum Fake: Tin Drum Drum is a slave-ploitation movie about. well. OK Warren Oates plays a slave owner who doesn't have cotton fields or anything but rather breeds slaves for profit. Pam Grier plays his bedroom wench love slave. Rainbeaux Smith plays a sophisticated lady hired to take after Oates' young daughter who gets it on with all her daddy's studs. Ken Norton and Yaphet Kotto fill out the cast as a slave named Drum and his buddy. As a midnight movie, this would be classic. If I was fresh for this and this wasn't film #11 of 12 in a 24-hour marathon, I would be singing its praises for like an hour. It's just so wrong and has such great lines that it ends up being a movie you can't really believe ever got made. However, showing when it did, especially right after Stunt Rock, absolutely killed me. I really wish I would have gone to sleep for this instead of watch everyone else sleep. The pacing of the film dragged so much that it was really the first time I got tired the whole night. It's a shame really, because there were some pretty classic lines like Warren Oates saying "Woman! Don't go meddlin' around with my poontang. and "What we been makin' AIN'T love. Still though, it pretty much ruined me for the last film. After Drum finally ended, they cleared everyone out into the Sunday morning sunlight in an effort to wake us all up and to make us go through security once more before screening the final film: the big mystery movie flown in from Australia with only one print in existence. Everybody knew it was Superman. They also served a breakfast buffet with eggs and potatos and fruit and stuff to make up yummy breakfast tacos and stuff like that. Everybody but me, fresh off of naps during Stunt Rock and Drum, all seemed to be awake and alert. I, on the other hand, felt myself fading. I wasn't all that excited to see Superman anyway to tell you the truth. I don't watch The OC or any shows on the WB so I felt I am too young to appreciate what Bryan Singer seems to be doing with the superhero anyway, not to mention my lack of obsessive love for the Christopher Reeve franchise or comic series either. My personal favorite Superman was his appearance in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, which is nothing at all like what most fans love him for. So we all went back into the theater and found duck-bill noisemakers on our chairs. We sat down and munched on breakfast while Harry honked his duck bill and told us that Nicky Katt was kind enough to lend us a print of an award-winning Donald Duck short that will play before the next movie. He led us on and on talking about the movie without telling us what it was. Apparently, this wasn't going to play at all. He actually got the "sorry, not gonna happen" letter from Warner Brothers but apparently they reconsidered. Then, because it was somehow contractually obligated to have its official premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, they had to Call those guys and ask if it's ok if it plays at Butt-Numb-A-Thon. Harry said that was a real moment when Drew told him "do you realize what you just said? You had to call the Berlin International Film Festival and ask if it was ok to play at butt-numb-a-thon. So this film is a real catch for BNAT and a super early sneak. The film in question is V for Vendetta. 05 V for Vendetta James McTeigue V for Vendetta Fake: Sword of Gideon I've never read the comic. Basically all I know about this is Natalie Portman shaved her head for it and the Wachowski brothers wrote and produced it. I guess it's supposed to be pro-terrorism too or something like that. The lights went down for the last time of the event and Donald Duck in Der Fuehrer's Face flickered on the screen. It was great. There's a song that follows through most of the cartoon and the entire audience honked along with their duck bills. Afterward Harry got back on the mic and said "and now is the time to put the duck bills AWAY" to laughter from the audience. A vintage '80s commercial for the Atari game Starmaster played next, followed lastly by Eric's print of the hilarious Return of Captain Invincible trailer. Next up came the new X-Men 3 and brand spankin new Mission: Impossible 3 trailers which made a good ending to the night's trailer festivities. The guy next to me leaned over and warned me that he would probably be crying through the entire thing because this was his favorite story and he was looking forward to this movie more than anything else. He said there would just be streams of tears running down his face by the time it was over. I said I wouldn't judge him and it would be ok. Then the movie started with something about remembering the 5th of November. Now, here's what I remember thinking: The whole movie is set up in the first five minutes and the main guy wears a mask the whole time so all his dialogue is just staring at a mask. I remember thinking that I pretty much got everything I needed to then I started dozing. it really sucked because I know how much of a treat it was to see this so early I really thought Natalie Portman's English accent was hot and I wanted to be awake to fully appreciate what I was getting to see, but you know how that nodding head, heavy eyelid thing goes. I got up and downed a redbull which didn't really help. I chewed the rest of my gum which didn't really help. I threw off my jacket-cum-seat cushion and nothing seemed to help. It was a constant battle to stay awake for the entire thing so subsequently I never payed all that much attention to the actual movie. I was never surprised or anything like that, the whole thing had a certain sense of predestination like, whether real or imagined, I had a picture of the whole film laid out in the first five minutes. Everyone around me seemed to really enjoy it and I may well revise my stance on this considerably when I get to see it again but right then at that moment it didn't do anything for me and my hazy conscioussness. Afterward I asked the guy next to me what he thought and he said he loved it. I apologized if I distracted him at all for all my nodding head and jerking awake action but he said his eyes were glued on the screen and he didn't notice at all, which made me feel a little better. People started to get up to leave but Harry said there was some stuff to give away and that Drew and Eric were in charge of it. They decided to just call out seat numbers and Harry said one through twelve" and I had to remind them that us standby people on the sides sat in impromptu rows 13 and 14 as well. Drew called out several random seat numbers before finally asking how many people spent the entire time in a folding chair. We all raised our hands and he said everyone who did deserved something and everyone clapped for us which was nice. I had a choice between a Buffy toy and something else I was equally disinterested in or a Death, Jr. thing so I opted for the Death, Jr. I have no clue what Death, Jr. is but at least it has something to do with Death so that's fine with me. Downstairs, boxes had been placed with bundles of rolled posters for people to grab on the way out. The Rolling Roadshow van had also backed up to the front door and Alamo staff handed out Atari Flashbacks to everyone. The word is that they're releasing a BNAT version of Pitfall where Pitfall Harry is replaced by a pixelly Harry Knowles but I haven't checked it out yet. They also had Hostel mini-DVDs in the lobby to grab as well. While everyone swarmed out, I went down and dropped all my crap in my car. On the way down I spotted Blake and Micah putting their crap in Blake's trunk so I figured I had enough time to get to my car and back before they took off. Alas I didn't and they were gone by the time I returned. Oh well, I'm sure they had a good time and I'm glad they got in. Back at the Alamo, the crowd was thinning considerably. I caught up with a few friends and an offer for IHOP came out which I accepted. It gave me another really cool little Eli Roth moment where he was signing posters for fans and talking to people I knew. He was really funny much like his small part in Cabin Fever, and took it well when Aaron's wife said her school class was looking forward to Hostel and really loved Cabin Fever. "Oh yeah, they are perfect kids movies. kids love torture. I thought it was really cool for Eli to stick it out for the whole thing. Apparently this is his fourth one, which pretty much puts him in my cool book for good. At the IHOP we talked over what films we liked, when we fell asleep, and your basic geek-out movie chat. Someone brought up that Richard Pryor had died and Drew told a pretty hilarious story about a time he recently went to see him do comedy in a club. The fatigue started to set in and not even a bacon and jalepeno omlet could hold it back. Soon everyone parted ways and thus ended my first Butt-Numb-A-Thon experience. TOTALS. LINEUP King Kong Footlight Parade Masters of Horror: Sick Girl Sympathy for Lady Vengeance The Professionals District 13 The Descent Stunt Rock Drum V For Vendetta TRAILERS Apacalypto Argoman: The Fantastic Superman The Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds The Pit and the Pendulum (stop-motion short film) War Eagles Betty Boop in Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (short) Lucky Seven The Soul of Bruce Lee El Desperado Once Upon A Time in the West There Was A Man Called Invincible Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Scorpions and Miniskirts Danger Girls Seven Golden Women Against Two 07 (Treasure Hunt) 2gether 4ever Hostel (Eyegasm clip) Eunuch of the Western palace Thunder Cops Donald Duck in Der Fuerher's Face (short) Starmaster (Atari COmmercial) The Return of Captain Invincible X-Men 3 Mission: Impossible 3 FOOD 1 grilled chicken club w/ fries 1 chips & queso 1 Raging Bull pizza. 5 pack of gum DRINK 2 sugarfree redbull 6 ice water SCHWAG BNAT7 Yearbook BNAT7 Poster (awesome) Atari Flashback2 Matrix: Path of Neo PlayStation2 game Death Jr. Action Figure deck of Italian exploitation movie poster playing cards from NoShame Films King Kong t-shirt (XL) The Producers t-shirt (XL) BNAT7 t-shirt (L) Aeon FLux t-shirt (M) Shark Tale Rain Parka M:I III hat Aeon Flux hat Hostel nail clippers Hostel mini-DVD Hostel temporary tattoo Domino temporary tattoo Domino shotglass (chipped) Monsters HD microwave popcorn (2 bags) Transformers Comic Book (Issue #0) Wedding Crashers Do Not Disturb Door sign Madagascar postcards (set of 5) The Pit and the Pendulum stop-motion short film Postcard Wallace & Gromit pencil Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Cream (1 can) Hostel 8x10 Poster Monsters HD 8x10 Poster Domino Mini-Poster Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Mini-Poster Nightwatch Mini-Poster King Kong Mini-Poster Walk The Line Mini-Poster Munich Mini-Poster The Producers Mini-Poster The Matador Mini-Poster The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Poster War of the Worlds Poster Aeon Flux Poster The New World Poster Hostel Poster (German) Superman Returns Poster V For Vendetta Poster (ripped.

Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal today. Movie Online Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandaleux. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal live. Movie online big bucks the press your luck scandale. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal lyrics. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal full. YouTube. Movie Online Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandale. Movie online big bucks the press your luck scandal documentary. Movie online big bucks the press your luck scandalex. 16 Best PRESS YOUR LUCK images, Press your luck, Old games, Tv show games. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal cast. I tuned into this documentary with a vague knowledge of the story. I remembered hearing about the guy who figured out the board when I was a kid. Then when I heard that Game Show Network decided to make a documentary about him, I figured I'd tune in.
The story gives some insight as to who Michael Larson was and then shifts its attention to an analyzed replay of the two episodes Michael was in. (Larson did so well, his turn could not fit into one 30 minute airing! It was amazing to see just how this guy did it and got so much money from the board! I think that was the greatest part of this special.
Still, even knowing the pattern, Larson sure had to be quick.

Nice to see Peter hosting as well. He narrated the piece decently. Besides- he was a good choice to host this special since of course he hosted the original "Press Your Luck...

Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal game. Movie online big bucks: the press your luck scandal news. Press Your Luck Genre Game show Created by Bill Carruthers Jan McCormack Directed by Rick Stern R. Brian DiPirro Presented by Peter Tomarken Elizabeth Banks Narrated by Rod Roddy Neil Ross Theme music composer Lee Ringuette Tim Mosher & Stoker Country of origin United States Original language(s) English No. of seasons 3 (CBS) 1 (ABC) No. of episodes 761 (CBS) 8 (ABC) 1] Production Executive producer(s) Jennifer Mullin Max Handelman John Quinn Producer(s) Bill Mitchell Running time 22 minutes (CBS) 42 minutes (ABC) Production company(s) The Carruthers Company Fremantle Brownstone Productions Distributor Republic Pictures CBS Television Distribution Release Original network CBS (1983–86) ABC (2019) Picture format 480i NTSC (CBS) 1983–86) 720p NTSC (ABC) 2019) Audio format Mono (CBS) HD Stereo (ABC) Original release September 19, 1983  – present Chronology Preceded by Second Chance (1977) Followed by Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck (2002–03) Press Your Luck is an American television game show created by Bill Carruthers and Jan McCormack. [2] It premiered on CBS daytime on September 19, 1983, 3] and ended on September 26, 1986; 4] it was revived on ABC primetime on June 12, 2019 [5] as a weekly show for the summer season. In the show, contestants collected spins by answering trivia questions and then used the spins on an 18-space game board to win cash and prizes. The contestant on the CBS version who amassed the highest total in cash and prizes kept their winnings for the day and became the returning champion. The contestant on the ABC version who amassed the highest total in cash and prizes kept their winnings for the day and played a bonus round for as much as 1 million. Peter Tomarken was the show's original host, and Rod Roddy was the primary announcer. John Harlan and Charlie O'Donnell filled in as substitute announcers for Roddy on different occasions. The ABC revival of the show is hosted by Elizabeth Banks and Neil Ross is the announcer. Press Your Luck is videotaped before a live studio audience at CBS Television City, Studios 33 ( Bob Barker Studio) and 43, in Hollywood, California; 6] the ABC revival is also credited as being "from Television City in Hollywood" 7] and was taped in Studio 36. The show was a retooling of the earlier Carruthers production Second Chance, which was hosted by Jim Peck and aired on ABC in 1977. [8] The show was known for the "Whammy" a red cartoon creature with a high-pitched, raspy voice. Landing on any Whammy space causes the player to go bankrupt and start over from 0, accompanied by an animation that showed the Whammy taking the loot, but frequently being blown up or otherwise humiliated in the process. The Whammies were created and animated by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp, and voiced by Bill Carruthers. On November 20, 2019, the series was renewed for a second season, which is scheduled to begin airing in June 2020. [9] Gameplay [ edit] Format [ edit] Main game [ edit] Three contestants competed on each episode, usually a returning champion and two new challengers (if a champion retired undefeated, then three new contestants would appear on the next episode. Each game began with a trivia round where the contestants tried to earn spins, which was then used on the show's gameboard, referred to as the Big Board. A question was posed to the contestants, who tried to be the first to buzz in with a correct answer. Once a contestant gave an answer, the remaining opponents were given a choice of that answer or two additional answers provided by Tomarken and selected one. If the contestant that buzzed in gave the correct answer, it earned three spins. A correct multiple choice answer was worth one spin. If none of the three contestants buzzed in with an answer within five seconds, three answers were given to the contestants and they earned one spin each if they chose correctly. If a contestant buzzed in but failed to give an answer, that contestant was locked out of the question and it was treated the same way as if nobody had buzzed in. After four questions were asked, play moved over to the Big Board. The board consisted of 18 spaces arranged in a 6×5 rectangle, each of which had a screen in it that displayed one of three items which changed rather rapidly, and a randomizer light which the contestants stopped by hitting their buzzer. The most common spaces offered cash, with an extra spin attached to some of them, and prizes, with some being directional spaces that either allowed the contestant to choose between two or three squares, or moved their position to a different part of the board. Cash amounts and prize values were added to the contestant's score, while landing on any of several Whammy spaces results in bankruptcy, and must start over. In the first Big Board round, play started with the contestant with the fewest spins unless there was a tie, in which case the contestant seated furthest left started. For each square the contestant stopped the randomizer light on, the value of that square was added to the contestant's bank and that contestant kept playing ( pressing his/her luck" until running out of spins or deciding to pass. Any passed spins went to the contestant's opponent with the higher amount of money (or, if tied, the opponent chosen by the passing contestant. A contestant receiving passed spins had to take them and could not pass until all the passed spins had been used. Spins awarded from hitting spaces offering them were placed in the earned column, and hitting a Whammy caused the contestant's remaining passed spins to move to the earned column, allowing the contestant to pass. Play continued until the contestants exhausted all of their spins, or earned a total of four Whammies, in which they were eliminated from the game and their remaining spins (if any) forfeited. Once all spins had been played, a second round of trivia questions followed with the same rules as before. A second Big Board round followed, with much higher stakes in play. This time, contestants played in order of their scores (lowest to highest) unless there was a tie between two or more contestants, in which case the contestant with the fewest spins started the round. Any passed spins, as before, went to the opponent with the higher score. The contestant in the lead at the end of the second Big Board round became the day's champion, kept his/her winnings, and returned on the next show as long as the show's winnings limits were not reached (see below. If two or all three contestants finished the match tied, they returned on the next show. In the rare occurrence that two contestants Whammied out of the game and the remaining contestant had spins left, the remaining contestant was given a choice to end the game or keep spinning to try to win more money. The choice was given after each spin the contestant took, and the game continued until all spins were exhausted, the contestant stopped the game, or the contestant Whammied out. If the contestant managed to Whammy out, the game ended with no winner and three new contestants played on the next show. Board values [ edit] In the first Big Board round, cash amounts ranged from 100 to 1, 500 and prizes typically were worth no more than 2, 000. The second round featured cash amounts from 500 to 5, 000, and prizes potentially worth 6, 000 or more. Three rare but special squares also appeared throughout the course of the show. The first, Double Your, multiplied the contestant's dollar amount at the time by two. This square later became Double Your. One Spin, awarding an extra spin in addition to the multiplied cash amount. Add-A-One added a "1" to the front of the contestant's current score (e. g., 0 became 10; 500 became 1, 500; and 2, 000 became 12, 000. The third, 2000 or Lose-1-Whammy, offered the contestant a choice of adding 2, 000 to his/her score (2, 000 was automatically added if the contestant had no Whammies) or removing a Whammy received earlier in the game. Add-A-One was only featured in the first Big Board round, with the others only appearing in the second Big Board round. One square present in both Big Board rounds was Big Bucks. This square, appearing third from the right in the bottom row, automatically moved the selector light to the corresponding position in the top row. The top dollar values in this square in round one were 1, 000, 1, 250 and 1, 500. For the second round, the top dollar values were 3, 000, 4, 000, and 5, 000, all of which awarded an extra spin. In both rounds, the value of a prize was announced only after it had been claimed, and a new prize was put on the board in its place (the aforementioned Add-A-One and Double Your. One Spin] spaces were also treated as prizes in this respect. Limits on winnings [ edit] Any contestant who won five games or exceeded the winnings cap (whichever occurred first) retired undefeated. From September 19, 1983 to October 31, 1984, any contestant who won over 25, 000 retired undefeated, but was allowed to keep any winnings over that amount up to 50, 000. The CBS game show winnings cap was doubled to 50, 000 on November 1, 1984, with contestants now being allowed to keep any winnings over that up to 75, 000. Home Player Spin [ edit] Home Player Spins" were featured at various points over the course of the series' run. Each of the three contestants was assigned a postcard with the name of a home viewer prior to the start of the episode. One spin in the final round was designated as the Home Player Spin at the start of the round, and when that spin came up, whatever the contestant landed on during that spin was added to their own total and was also awarded to the home player. If the contestant hit a Whammy, the home player received 500. If the contestant landed on a space that awarded money and an additional spin, the contestant received the money and the spin, but the home player only received the money. If the contestant landed on a prize instead of money, then the home viewer would also win that prize. At the close of the October–November 1985 contest, that episode's in-studio winner drew a card from a bowl containing the names of each of the 75 at-home participants featured over the five-week period. After drawing the name, the contestant took one spin on a modified board that showed only cash values and directional squares (no Whammies, prizes, or cash amounts with additional spins were present. The value landed on, multiplied by the total number of spins earned by the three contestants in the second question round, was then awarded to the home player whose name was drawn. Broadcast history [ edit] Press Your Luck (1983–86, CBS. edit] Original production [ edit] Peter Tomarken, who had just ended a 13-week stint as the host of Hit Man on NBC, was tapped as host for Press Your Luck. The pilot was taped on May 18, 1983, 10] and the actual show began both tapings and airings four months later on September 10 of that year. [6] The show premiered on September 19, 1983, on CBS at 10:30   a. m. ET (9:30 CT / MT / PT) replacing Child's Play, and placing it between The New 25, 000 Pyramid and The Price Is Right. Press Your Luck competed against Sale of the Century for first place in the 10:30   a. morning time slot over the next two years. On January 6, 1986, CBS relocated Press Your Luck in order to make room for a Bob Eubanks -hosted revival of Card Sharks. Press Your Luck replaced Body Language in the network's 4:00   p. afternoon time slot. Tomarken stated that by the Fall of 1985, the contract for The Price Is Right was up for renewal, but CBS was unable to pay Mark Goodson Productions the kind of money they wanted to continue that show on their network. Goodson came up with the solution of taking over the 10:30   a. timeslot. [11] Although some CBS affiliates carrying the program in 1986 outside of the 4:00   p. ET time slot tape-delayed it for broadcast the next morning (including the network's flagship owned-and-operated stations in New York [12] and Los Angeles [13. many CBS affiliates dropped the program (with a few markets subsequently picking the show up on independent stations. The last episode of the show aired on September 26, 1986, but it was not acknowledged as the finale. The final tapings took place in August of that same year, when its cancellation was first announced. [14] After the show ended its run, CBS returned the 4:00   p. timeslot to its affiliates. Rebroadcasts, syndication and digital television networks [ edit] In early 1987, 130 episodes of the show were packaged by Republic Pictures for off-network syndication to a handful of local stations. These episodes originally aired on CBS from February 25 to August 23, 1985, 15] and were also the first to be shown on USA Network from September 14, 1987 (the day USA Network picked up the show for its block of afternoon game show reruns) to December 30, 1988. Press Your Luck remained on its schedule until October 13, 1995, when USA dropped its game show block altogether. [16] The series was later purchased by Pearson Television [ when. which later became Fremantle, which now owns the rights to the series) who also owns the Goodson – Todman and Reg Grundy libraries. Since then, the company has handled revivals and video game licenses, such as with Whammy! and the 2009 video game. On June 8, 2006, Press Your Luck was featured as the fourth round of Gameshow Marathon on CBS. Game Show Network (GSN) aired the show from September 2001 to March 2009, airing episodes from February 1984 to November 1985. GSN resumed airing the show in 2012, airing episodes from the September 1983 premiere to February 1984. From 2014 to 2016, GSN aired episodes 561 to 696, which originally ran from November 1985 to May 1986; after this, GSN aired episodes from the summer of 1984 to February 1985 until the show was removed from GSN's schedule again in May 2017. From December 2017 to February 2018, GSN aired episodes from summer 1984 as part of a Saturday night game show block. [17] On July 2, 2018, reruns of Press Your Luck started airing on GameTV in Canada. [18] As with much of the rest of Fremantle's game show archives, Press Your Luck also airs on Buzzr. Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck (2002–03, GSN. edit] In 2002, a new version titled Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck (shortened to Whammy! in 2003) hosted by Todd Newton and announced by Gary Kroeger premiered on Game Show Network. New episodes initially aired through 2003, and reruns occasionally air on GSN. Several changes to the rules and aesthetics of the game were made. Three new contestants appeared on each episode with no returning champions, much less cash was available as well as more prizes, the board was entirely computerized (as well as redesigned) and the first question round was eliminated. Additionally, Big Bank" spaces were added to the board in season two, which placed an accumulating jackpot to a contestant's bank when that contestant landed on the space and answered a question correctly. Gameshow Marathon (2006, CBS. edit] On June 8, 2006, Press Your Luck was the fourth of seven classic game shows featured in CBS's month-long Gameshow Marathon hosted by Ricki Lake and announced by Rich Fields and it was one of the "elimination rounds" in the tournament. The contestants were Leslie Nielsen, Kathy Najimy and Tim Meadows. The format was exactly like the original CBS run but with much higher money values. Najimy won the game in this episode. This episode was also dedicated in memory of Peter Tomarken who died in a plane crash along with his wife Kathleen three months before the episode aired. Press Your Luck (2019, ABC. edit] On February 21, 2019, a casting announcement was released by Fremantle for a new version of Press Your Luck advertising opportunities for potential contestants to apply. [19] 20] 21] On March 13, 2019, Vulture reported that ABC would partner with Fremantle to reboot the series, with pre-production on new hour-long episodes of Press Your Luck and Card Sharks being underway and taping slated to begin sometime in the spring. The ABC version features a new bonus round in which one player competes head-to-head with the Whammy "to win a fortune. John Quinn (a producer on Celebrity Name Game) has been named as the showrunner and executive producer. [22] On May 2, 2019, TheWrap reported that actress Elizabeth Banks would be the new host. [23] 24] A special early preview of the revival was broadcast on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. [25] 26] 7] The weekly series premiere was on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 with episodes being 1-hour long. [5] The first season had eight episodes. [1] Each episode features three new contestants. Gameplay is identical to the 1983–86 version, with the exception of some episodes having only three questions rather than four in the first round. Maximum dollar amounts are 3, 000—4, 000—5, 000 in the first Big Board round, and 6, 000—8, 000—10, 000 in the second; the latter spaces each award an extra spin as well. Prizes are worth up to 50, 000. The high scorer at the end of the second Big Board round keeps his/her winnings and advances to the bonus game. If two or more contestants are tied for the lead at this point, each takes one spin at a time until there is a clear winner. This tiebreaker is also played if all three contestants have Whammied out. Bonus game [ edit] The day's champion plays a bonus game for up to 1 million in additional cash and prizes. This game is divided into five rounds, each of which requires the champion to take a specific number of spins: five in the first round, four in the second, three in all others. Upon finishing a round with a bank total above 0, the champion may either end the game and keep all winnings to that point or continue to the next round. Ending a round with a bank of 0 requires the champion to continue. Hitting a Whammy eliminates all cash/prizes won to that point in the bonus game and resets the bank to 0, and accumulating four Whammies ends the game. The champion may not stop in the middle of a round. If a space is hit which awards money and a spin, the extra spin must be taken in that same round. Maximum dollar and prize values increase from one round to the next. The maximum dollar values, in order, are 10, 000, 25, 000, 50, 000, 75, 000, and 100, 000. Some prizes are featured specifically based on the champion's preferences, and are returned to the board if a Whammy is hit. A "7, 000 or Lose-a-Whammy" space is added to the board in the second round, with its value increasing to 10, 000 in the third and 15, 000 in the fourth. If the champion's bank reaches or exceeds 500, 000, enough cash is added to bring the total up to 1 million and the game ends. Otherwise, the champion receives everything in the bank upon either completing all rounds or choosing to end the game. During the show's first season, a six-round bonus game was played, with 15, 000 as the top dollar value in the second round. Notable contestants [ edit] Michael Larson [ edit] In 1984, a self-described unemployed ice cream truck driver named Michael Larson made it onto the show. After watching the show at home with the use of stop-motion on a VCR, Larson discovered that the presumed random patterns of the game board were not actually random and he was able to memorize the sequences to help him stop the board where and when he wanted. On the single game in which he appeared, an initially tentative Larson spun a Whammy on his very first turn, but then went 45 consecutive spins without hitting another one. The game ran for so long that CBS aired the episode in two parts, on June 8 and 11, 1984. In the end, Larson earned a total of 110, 237 in cash and prizes, a record for the most money in cash and prizes won by a contestant in a single appearance on a daytime network game show. In 2006, when Vickyann Chrobak-Sadowski won 147, 517 in cash and prizes on the Season 35 premiere of The Price Is Right, it was not enough to surpass Larson's inflation-adjusted record (110, 237 was equal to 215, 690 in 2006 dollars. 27] Larson, through meticulous watching of the show, memorized patterns of the board to land on a space in which all three slides contained smaller amounts of money plus a spin or the spot in the top center of the screen in which the largest amounts of money plus a spin always resided. Not only would he not hit a Whammy if he landed on those two squares, but he would also be guaranteed to continue gaining more spins as long as he desired. Although CBS investigated Larson, they determined that memorizing the board patterns was not cheating and let him keep his winnings. The board was subsequently reprogrammed with up to 32 new patterns to help prevent against another contestant from being able to memorize patterns as Larson had; all subsequent versions since then follow this method. In 1994, TV Guide magazine interviewed Larson and revealed the background of this episode including his decision to pass his remaining spins after he lost concentration and missed his target squares. [28] The story was featured in a two-hour documentary on GSN titled Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal in March 2003. GSN aired a special rematch edition of Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck, featuring the two runners-up from the show, host Tomarken and Michael Larson's brother James (Michael Larson had died of throat cancer in 1999. 29] In July 2010, Michael's brother James, and his former wife at the time of winning, were interviewed for PRI 's This American Life for the episode "Million Dollar Idea. 30] His story was also featured on the first episode of GSN's documentary series Cover Story in 2018. [31] Others [ edit] Aside from Michael Larson, several contestants later found fame outside of game shows: Steve Bryant: A wide receiver for the NFL 's Houston Oilers [32] when he won 16, 655 on July 12, 15 and 16, 1985. Ralph Strangis: Later became play-by-play announcer for the Dallas Stars. [33] Also had a small stint on AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN. On the May 28 and 29, 1984 episodes of Press Your Luck, Strangis won 7, 431 in cash and prizes. [34. better source needed] International versions [ edit] Country Local name Host Channel Year aired Australia Press Your Luck Ian Turpie Seven Network 1987–88 Chile Concurso de Cola Cao (Segment on Sábado Gigante) Don Francisco Canal 13 1986–87 Germany Glück am Drücker Al Munteanu RTLplus 1992 Drück Dein Glück Guido Kellerman RTL II 1999 Philippines Whammy! Push Your Luck Paolo Bediones Rufa Mae Quinto GMA Network 2007–08 Taiwan 強棒出擊 (Segment on Slugger Attack) Unknown Taiwan Television 1985–95 Turkey Şansını Dene Oktay Kaynarca Kanal D 1994–96 United Kingdom Paul Coia HTV West June 6, 1991 — September 20, 1992 The series was presented by Ian Turpie with John Deeks as announcer on Seven Network from 1987 to 1988. Grundy Worldwide packaged this version, with Bill Mason as executive producer. This version used the same Whammy animations as the original, as well as a similar set (a Grundy tradition) however, the Big Board used considerably lower dollar values. Prior to this, there was an Australian version of Second Chance that aired in 1977 on Network Ten hosted by Earle Bailey and Christine Broadway and also produced by Grundy. [35] A German version entitled Glück am Drücker ( Good Luck on the Trigger" aired on RTLplus in 1992 with Al Munteanu as host. It had an animated vulture named "Raffi" steal cash and prizes from contestants instead of Whammies. Another remake, Drück Dein Glück ( Push Your Luck. aired daily in 1999 on RTL II with Guido Kellerman as host. And just like Glück am Drücker, Instead of Whammies, a shark named Hainz der Geldhai ( Hainz the Money Shark. ate" the contestant's money. This version also had a unique rule where landing a car won the game automatically, regardless of the scores. GMA Network aired a version called Whammy! Push Your Luck based on the short-lived 2002–03 GSN remake called Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck from 2007 to 2008 hosted by Paolo Bediones and Rufa Mae Quinto. The program used the same (redubbed) Whammy animations as the 2000s updated American version. A Taiwanese variety show called Slugger Attack aired a segment based on this game on Taiwan Television from 1985 to 1995. It used a naughty ghost instead of animated whammies. A Turkish version of PYL called Şansını Dene ( Try Your Luck" aired on Kanal D from 1994 to 1996, hosted by Oktay Kaynarca. An ITV version ran for two seasons from June 6, 1991 to September 20, 1992 on ITV in the HTV West region, with Paul Coia as host. The series was made on a small budget, using a point-based scoring system with the day's winner receiving 200. This eliminated much of the excitement present in other versions, and declining ratings led to a switch from prime time to Saturday afternoons during the first season. When the show's second season premiered in 1992, it was moved to Sunday afternoons. The show was canceled following the second season due to budget cuts that resulted from the ITV franchise auctions of 1991, 36] as well as lower ratings figures. Merchandise [ edit] Video games In 1988, GameTek released a home computer game of Press Your Luck for IBM PC compatibles and the Commodore 64. [37] Ludia Inc. (now part of RTL Group, which owns the show franchise) along with Ubisoft released an adaptation called Press Your Luck: 2010 Edition on October 27, 2009 for PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS and Wii. Prior to this, on August 24, 2010, the game was released for the PlayStation 3 (via PSN) as part of the Game Show Party bundle pack (PS3 only) that also included Family Feud: 2010 Edition and The Price is Right: 2010 Edition, 38] and on PlayStation 3 's PSN download service from August 24, 2010. [39] Slot machine games Shuffle Master was the first to develop a video slot machine version based on the show in 2000. It was also featured in the PC game "Reel Deal Casino: Shuffle Master Edition" in 2003. Currently, WMS Gaming develops video slot machines based on the show like the "Big Event" version with Todd Newton of Whammy! fame in 2008, a "Community Bonus" version in 2010 and a "3-reel mechanicals" in 2011. A now defunct online slot game was once developed for online UK casinos. Online games GSN featured a short-lived interactive version of Press Your Luck that featured a play-along element as rerun episodes of the show aired simultaneously. citation needed] Kiosk game A kiosk version debuted at Planet Hollywood in 2011. citation needed] DVD game In 2006, Imagination Entertainment released a DVD TV game hosted by Todd Newton of Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck fame, with Peter Kent as the announcer. The DVD game included three Question Rounds and three Big Board Rounds. [40] Handheld game An electronic handheld game was released by Irwin Toys in 2008. [41] Facebook games In January 2012, an app developed by Fremantle subsidiary Ludia and based on Press Your Luck debuted on Facebook. [42] Ten contestants compete in a single-question round together, all answering the same multiple-choice questions. There are six questions in total, each worth between 500 and 1, 000, or a Whammy. A correct answer earns the question's value multiplied by the number of contestants who answered incorrectly or ran out of time (e. g., answering the 500 question correctly with three other contestants answering incorrectly earns 1, 500. Bonus cash is given to the three contestants who answer the questions correctly in the shortest amount of time. Answering the Whammy question incorrectly causes the contestant to lose any money accumulated to that point. The top three contestants go on to the big-board round, with each getting five spins. Gameplay is similar as on the 1980s series. In September 2012, Ludia released Press Your Luck Slots on Facebook. [43] iOS games Ludia released an app version of Press Your Luck Slots for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on April 22, 2013. References [ edit] a b "Season 1. ABC. Archived from the original on November 4, 2019. Retrieved November 4, 2019. ^ McNeil, Alex (1991. Total Television: A Comprehensive Guide to Programming from 1948 to the Present. Penguin Books. p.  672. ISBN   9780140157369. ^ Press Your Luck. Season 1. September 19, 1983. CBS. ^ Press Your Luck. Season 3. September 26, 1986. CBS. ^ a b Press Your Luck. June 12, 2019. ABC. ^ a b "Shows–CBS Television City. Archived from the original on July 13, 2011. Retrieved July 25, 2011. ^ a b Press Your Luck. June 11, 2019. ABC. ^ Baber, David. Television Game Show Hosts: Biographies of 32 Stars. p. 213. ^ ABC Renews "Summer Fun & Games" for 2020. The Futon Critic. November 20, 2019. ^ Image of ticket from Press Your Luck taping on 18 May 1983. 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Retrieved January 25, 2012. ^ Ludia and FremantleMedia Enterprises Announce "Press Your Luck Slots" Game Now Available on Facebook. Financial Post. Retrieved 5 October 2012. External links [ edit] Press Your Luck on IMDb (1983–86) US) Press Your Luck on IMDb (1987–88) Australia) Press Your Luck on IMDb (2019) US.

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